Infographic: Can Facebook Ads Beat Google?


ADOTAS – It’s a good thing people love talking about Facebook as much as they do, because boy howdy, there are a lot of Facebook-related things to talk about this week. Today’s chatter: Search engine marketing software and services provider WordStream has released stats showing how Facebook’s advertising services stack up to Google’s Display Network. The Display Network reaches across Google properties like YouTube, Gmail and Blogger, and also across 2 million other websites varying widely in readership and content. Can Facebook — which offers half the ad formats as the Display Network, doesn’t support mobile ads and has an estimated (Facebook doesn’t release reports on click-throughs) average click-through rate of a paltry .05 percent for display ads — be bigger in any quantifiable way, or have more impact?

WordStream’s report holds that Facebook has more ad impressions, but the Display Network has broader reach (90 percent of all internet users, compared to Facebook’s 51 percent). Facebook’s revenues fell during the first quarter of 2012, while Google’s rose… barely (by one percent, from the previous quarter). Advertising rates rose 40 percent for Facebook in the first quarter of the year, while click-through rates fell 8 percent. Google offers more targeting options. All told, WordStream found Google came out on top — at least for now. How serious Facebook might get with its ad services after going public remains to be seen. WordStream took those stats comparing the two entities and created this infographic (click to enlarge, as always):


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