Direct Agents Ramps Up Mobile Marketing Services


ADOTAS – Digital marketing agency Direct Agents launched Direct Agents 3.0 today, an updated version of its agency’s offerings that adds enhanced mobile marketing services — including app installs, location- and device-specific keyword bidding, click-to-call ads, ad targeting based on the particular ways in which people use mobile devices (as opposed to desktops), creative capacities to build mobile landing pages, and (courtesy of the agency’s partnership with Cake Marketing) more in-depth tracking and analytics. It’s an effort to keep lead generation, creative, distribution (the nine-year-old agency boasts a “network of top-tier mobile publishers,” says its inventory comes entirely from direct relationships and claims its advertising and marketing services are compatible with all mobile carriers and devices) and analytics under one roof.

In a phone conversation last week, Direct Agents managing director Dinesh Boaz explained his agency has historically been “focused primarily in lead generation,” via email, search marketing, display and so on, and that it has a “full creative and development team” to fuel it. The 3.0 push into mobile came from clients’ suggestions, which makes sense considering the public’s adoption of mobile technology — advertisers, he said, are looking more and more to mobile for customer acquisition. “On the publisher side, it’s been a natural progression from email to display networks to mobile,” said Boaz. “It’s continuing to grow with mobile-specific publishers.”

Boaz spoke to the rapid rise of advertisers’ interest in mobile, after years of users themselves picking up smartphones and tablets and making those devices part of their lives. “Even a year ago, our clients weren’t talking about mobile optimized pages,” he said. “Even six months ago.”

And now it’s time to answer some questions about how, when and where to reach audiences via mobile. “I think the challenge right now is working with the right publishers,” Boaz said. “Especially our financial services clients. They’re paying a lot more per lead. The challenge is getting the right kind of distribution.” But he also compared mobile marketing to what Direct Agents had done with email — “knowing where the traffic is coming from, understanding the creative.” The agency’s partnership with Cake Marketing, which Boaz said comes after about six months of discussion, is meant to more fully understand the performance of the mobile campaigns, and he said that together they’re building an analytics dashboard for clients, which will “plug into the Cake platform.”

Boaz added that Direct Agents is currently talking with some large social gaming companies to develop casual games for its financial services clients — maybe not the kind of businesses one would expect to be ripe for gaming experiences (though anyone who’s suspicious of results there should check ADOTAS again in a couple days for some news from that corner), but, as Boaz pointed out, “The real challenge [in financial services] is getting new acquisitions.”


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