BlueKai Demystifies Its Partners’ Services With New Partner Program


ADOTAS – Everybody buddy up: Data management company BlueKai has launched the BlueKai Partner Program, aiming to demystify data solutions for marketers and to help them evaluate the services of BlueKai’s 100-plus partners (providing media execution, analytics, attribution, website and creative optimization and other offerings) to make decisions based on their particular needs.

BlueKai issued a statement today explaining why it saw the need to create a program like this, with its rationale being that real-time “data access through seamless integration with other media buying processes [is] key to deciding which partners to choose,” and that the way data is used has come to a point where it’s gone beyond ad targeting and become particularly important to app partners, who want the same analytics and optimization tools as advertisers; and where web publishers and data aggregators are turning to DMPs (data management platforms), which were previously intended primarily to serve marketers.

BlueKai Partners will break down into a few different varieties, where they’ll be, according to the aforementioned statement, “assigned various badges that denote the level of integration, partnership or affiliation with BlueKai and its data program.” Media partners (including ad networks, exchanges, trading desks and publishers) will be assigned badges based on their “data transfer methods, ability to ingest media data and integration into BlueKai’s interfaces,” as well as for international reach and analytics capacities. Branded data providers (including data aggregators whose third-party data can be leveraged through the BlueKai Exchange) will be assigned badges based on categories like intent, retail, CPG, behavioral, offline, B2B and demographic, as well as categories based on particular industries. There are other partner categories — app partners (app developers using BlueKai data), DMP partners (marketers, publishers and data aggregators using the BlueKai DMP to handle their first-party data assets) and privacy partners.

Additionally, yesterday, BlueKai and content/ad optimization provider Cognitive Match announced a partnership, with BlueKai data driving Cognitive Match’s Dynamic Creative Optimization services and Cognitive Match signing on as a BlueKai app partner.


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