Bizo Releases Self-Service B2B Retargeting Service


ADOTAS – Business audience marketing services provider Bizo launched a self-service version of Bizo Retargeting, which a statement from the company calls “the first self-service retargeting platform specifically designed for business audience marketers.” In addition to retargeting via display ads, the new release also offers audience reporting and analytics designed to allow B2B marketers insights into demographics like the industry and staff size of their audiences, as well as the job functions and level of seniority among those audiences, and insights into who’s actually converting. According to the aforementioned statement, the new service could cost marketers as little as $5 a day.

Bizo cited the recent Crain’s BtoB survey, in particular marketers’ claim that their biggest online challenge right now is generating enough leads, in explaining why retargeting might be a good idea, and it claimed retargeting via display ads, by keeping the brand present in the user’s mind, can boost the performance of email, search advertising and social media marketing efforts as well.

In the statement, Bizo’s vice president of product management, Chris Mann, said that “with our self-service solution, we’ve packaged up one of the highest-performing display ad tactics, business audience analytics and Bizo’s premium inventory and made this accessible to organizations of any size on a performance basis.” The service has been in beta for two months now, and Bizo counts Upsellit and Field ID as among the customers who had tried it out. Field ID CEO Somen Mondal explained in the release that his company was “investing in a mix of programs to drive our target prospects to our site to learn about our inspection software, but many leave without providing any information about themselves. To date, it’s been very difficult to reach these people again.” By retargeting users who’d already visited the company’s site, he said, they hoped to fix that.


  1. This is great. It’s disappointing how few high-quality self-serve campaign platforms are available to low- and mid-level advertisers, so it’s awesome to see a company like Bizo offer a new option.


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