[x+1] Announces Programs to Bring Marketers, Agencies Closer to Data


ADOTAS – Digital marketing hub provider [x+1] announced two new services at its NexTargeting Summit in New York City yesterday: a program aimed at helping creative agencies help marketers in turn to build data-driven campaigns, called the Experience Developer Partner Program, and a program aimed at helping marketers more efficiently utilize [x+1]’s data management platform (DMP), called DMP QuickStart. Taken together, they’re efforts to humanize, understand and implement data, which, as some recent studies have pointed out, marketers and creatives are often reluctant to wade into.

With the Experience Developer Partner Program, agencies can become certified in designing and orchestrating a “multi-touchpoint campaign,” which, according to an [x+1] release, means they’ll learn about, for example, “strategic planning, creative testing and analytics,” making them more desirable to marketing partners. Through the program, agencies can access the [x+1]’s Origin marketing hub, which incorporates the DMP, a decision engine and a host of other services designed to leverage data efficiently, and they can use those tools either in a self-serve model or with support from [x+1]. With those tools, agencies can “develop assets and scenarios for audience segments,” approaching those segments as individual entities and bringing together the aspects of a multi-channel campaign into one unified space.

Meanwhile, DMP QuickStart is positioned to bring marketers closer to the first-party and third-party data of a DMP, which can help them create custom audience segments, and to offer analytics that can assist in building real-time campaigns across multiple touchpoints. Marketers can use the audience segments they create in the [x+1] hub itself, or they can syndicate them via other partners. In the aforementioned statement, [x+1] chairman and CEO John Nardone said the program “enables marketers to access the analytics from the [x+1] Origin DMP to gain insight into the audiences they didn’t know they had, the ones that are responding to their website and landing pages as well as delivered media,” and added that DMP QuickStart “makes the basics easy and lets them get hands-on experience with the power of our DMP at a price point that effectively removes the barrier to entry for most organizations.”


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