Video: “The Future of Publishing” Talks Affiliate Marketing


ADOTAS – For a publisher, the prospect of affiliate marketing might be cause for hesitation — just like any move into uncharted territory — but it’s also a potentially potent means of forging valuable relationships. In the latest edition of video series The Future of Publishing, VigLink CEO Oliver Roup — once again sitting in for our regular host, Murray Newlands — speaks about just those issues with LinkTrust Systems president Bret Grow, eHealth director of business development Phillip Kidwell and Rakuten LinkShare director of client services Gary Warnes. In other words, as Roup points out, we have here an advertiser, an affiliate network and an ecommerce back-end system. Kidwell calls affiliate marketing “the secret weapon in the online market” and Warnes says it’s “a way to acknowledge another community,” and over the course of this discussion, the four talk about when to work with a network, when to take affiliate marketing in-house, what kinds of audiences can be reached with which approaches, and other means of learning how to work with affiliates in a way that’s most effective for your specific business. This is the first of three parts of the discussion:



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