Video: “The Future of Engagement” Visits Foursquare Day


ADOTAS – Yesterday, April 16, was Foursquare Day (16 is four squared, April the fourth month of the year; get it?) — often stylized in Twitterspeak as #4sqDay — on which Foursquare and the businesses into which Foursquare users can check in offered rewards for users. It was an orchestrated online and physical-world event that, as Future of Engagement host Murray Newlands points out in the latest episode of his video series, generated a ton of positive discussion. Here, Newlands takes a look at what Foursquare did right in its own social media marketing campaign: The check-in network is, he observes, “by its nature, a very communal thing,” and he credits Foursquare for involving both online and offline events in its process of expressing gratitude to its users. Watch now:


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