Video: “The Future of Engagement” Takes the Presidential Race to Social Media


ADOTAS – Social media is a two-way street: We hear a lot about how it can allow brands and organizations to steer the conversations around their messages, but fans and followers can grab the steering wheel, too, and exert influence on their peers. This can create a really interesting push-and-pull in a presidential election year. We’d like to point out that ADOTAS as a publication takes no explicitly political stance, but, that said, in the latest installment of his video series The Future of Engagement, frequent contributor and Influence People chief Murray Newlands talks about how fans and followers of U.S. president (and social media champ) Barack Obama might help him get re-elected in November. For example, Newlands points out, on YouTube, commenting on and liking a video can drive up its ranking, and subscribing to an opponent’s channel gives you the opportunity to press “dislike” and drive it down. For the sake of objectivity, we’ll point out you can try out the same tactics to boost your chosen candidate’s social media presence no matter which side of the aisle you’re on. Talk about a two-way street, indeed…



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