Video: “Future of Publishing” Talks Crowdsourced Marketing


ADOTAS – We know regular Future of Publishing host Murray Newlands is still alive and well, because I just passed him on the escalator this morning here at the ad:tech conference in San Francisco (and we interviewed each other on camera yesterday — keep an eye on that, for an entertaining and informative dialogue and for the sake of my own vanity). But this time VigLink founder and CEO Oliver Roup takes the mic in Murray’s stead, interviewing Gushcloud CEO and founder Vincent Ha about how publishers — and Ha is of the mindset that everyone on the web is a publisher — and brands can incentivise users to spread brand messages. Gushcloud, Ha explains, aims to “help businesses mobilize consumers toward actions that matter,” and it allows brands and businesses to work directly with publishers to leverage the sharing power of a website’s engaged users. The video:



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