Video: “Future of Engagement” on Earth Day Across Social Media


ADOTAS – April 20 was Earth Day, and as Future of Engagement host and marketing expert Murray Newlands observed, the holiday inspired at least 10,000 mentions per day for several days on social networks. In the latest installment of his video series, Newlands takes a closer look at who was talking about it. Turns out there were some brands that one might expect to mention Earth Day (Treehugger, National Geographic) and others that one might not expect so much (American Airlines?). Newlands explains that an event like Earth Day is a fine branding opportunity for a company. Such events foster positive discussion, they offer opportunities for brands to make a statement about which causes they care about, and they present a chance for companies to reward their followers and fans for engaging with content. It might be a good idea, he suggests, to look into the social media discussion around certain events and see which are appropriate and worthwhile events with which to align your brand. The video:



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