V12 Group Signs Onto BlueKai’s DMP

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Apr 26, 2012 
Brian LaRue  |

ADOTAS - Offline consumer data provider V12 Group announced it had chosen BlueKai‘s data management platform (DMP) to handle, analyze and act on its third-party and advertiser data, the latest in a number of data partnerships BlueKai has undertaken. This partnership is intended to help V12′s marketer clients access pre-packaged or custom audiences from V12′s offerings and more closely analyze and learn about its audience profiles.

In a phone conversation this afternoon, BlueKai senior director of marketing Rowena Toguchi explained that V12 had already been working with BlueKai. “They’ve been for a while a branded partner” on the BlueKai Exchange, she explained, and V12 is “sitting on their own proprietary data asset from the offline world. Their business is progressing into more layers.” V12′s data, she said, is related to demographics and offline purchases, among other things, and the DMP is poised to help marketers working with V12 to better understand audiences and then take action on it by pushing it through integrated media channels.. “When we rolled our our DMP a year ago, it was really targeted at marketers,” Toguchi said. “But soon after, we were hearing from publishers because they were looking to maximize revenue from their audience data. Now, we’re working with data aggregators who need a platform that supports their data monetization strategy in a way that makes it easy for marketers to make their data assets actionable.”

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