Study: Cross-Screen Ad Viewing Boosts Recall, Purchase Intent, Favorability


ADOTAS – A study released this afternoon, conducted by Nielsen for mobile video ad network AdColony, shows cross-screen viewing can increase purchase intent by up to 72 percent, which is worth noting for when you consider how tooling with a smartphone or tablet while watching TV has become more or less de rigeur for a large chunk of the population.

In the study, participants watched a 30-minute TV show while interacting with smartphones and tablets. During the show, a 15-second ad for the recent Mark Wahlberg-starring action movie Contraband aired, and immediately afterward, the AdColony network served a 15-second ad for the same movie to the participants’ mobile devices. The study found purchase intent for cross-screen viewers rose from 18 percent to 31 percent, a 72 percent bump; the set of viewers who said they would search for the movie jumped from 4 percent for TV-only viewers to 22 percent for cross-screen viewers; and cross-screen viewers were 160 percent more likely to say they’d recommend the movie to a friend or family member and brand recall for the movie rose from 55 percent for TV-only viewers to 93 percent, a 69 percent increase. (All this, in spite of the fact that they were viewing a commercial for the Mark Wahlberg vehicle Contraband.)

In a statement, Adcolony CEO Will Kassoy explained that “consumers’ behaviors are creating this market for co-viewing, and it’s going to be more organized and fluid in the future.” He added (in a nod to his company’s penchant for fast-loading video ads), “Note that all mobile video is not created equal. Brand lift and other impact metrics will not be realized if the multi-screen video ad campaigns are not executed quickly, intelligently and creatively.” The full study can be downloaded here.


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