Marketfish Releases New Insights for Email Campaigns


ADOTAS – Earlier today, lead generation platform provider for email marketing Marketfish released two new features of its platform — the capacity to automatically generate reports on the demographic patterns of a business’ customer base, and means of delivering information about the kinds of audiences who are opening emails and clicking through. These are developments intended to help list marketers learn more about who their most engaged email recipients are, and to then to tweak their campaigns accordingly.

This can be seen as a rather timely announcement: Recently, there have been a number of studies indicating marketers recognize the importance of moving into the digital space, but they don’t necessarily understand how to make sense of the data available or don’t know enough about the tools available to them. “Ahh, the Big Data problem,” Marketfish CEO Dave Scott commented in a phone call last week. “You run an email campaign. They give you back opens and clicks. As a marketer — who cares?” The important question, he remarked, is “Who engaged with your offer?”

The new features, Scott explained, start with an “ROI calculator built right into the tool. Right off the bat, you can tell whether this is going to be profitable,” by digging into the data Marketfish has available and showing who’s run similar campaigns and how those campaigns have worked. The new customer insights features start with 1,000 email addresses, then reveals demographic patterns associated with those addresses. Then the user can take that demographic information to Marketfish’s database of half a billion records, which can be used to build a target audience. “We run the campaign in real time,” Scott said.

And from that point, Scott explained, Marketfish allows clients to see demographic information around who’s actually engaging with offers, “so the next time you run that campaign, you can do it smarter,” he said. “It completely changes the complexion of your marketing approach.” He cited an AARP campaign that revealed the most engaged recipients on one campaign were older and of lower income, which indicated to AARP something about their concerns and their priorities. And ultimately, that kind of information can allow marketers to actually articulate the ROI of a particular action.



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