Jivox Unveils Interactive Mobile Landing Pages for Ads


ADOTAS – Interactive video advertising company Jivox launched a set of new mobile features yesterday, including the option of creating mobile-optimized landing pages for use in ad campaigns targeting smartphone users, enhanced rich media capabilities, automatic page resizing functions for landscape or portrait layouts on the device screen, automatic switching between Flash and HTML5 when appropriate, third-party and multi-device tracking and support, and layout tools for the advertiser designed to be more efficient and intuitive.

But tops among the new features is that first one, active mobile pages (AMP), which Jivox says is a first for the mobile industry. Instead of directing the user back to a brand’s website, AMP is designed to provide ad campaign-specific landing pages, which allow the user to, for example, locate physical stores, sign up for promotions, share or otherwise interact via social media or contact the business. “We were already providing some of these capabilities for tablets — have done so pretty much since the debut of the iPad,” Jivox CEO Diaz Nesamoney said via email, “but we saw the potential to do the same for smartphones, where the delivery issues are even more complex — way more smartphone offerings/variations than tablet offerings in the market — and layouts/designs [are] even more challenging.” With smartphones, he explained, there’s only so much space in which the user can notice and then engage with the ad.

In an earlier conversation, almost exactly a month ago, Nesamoney had stated Jivox’ aimed to “be the platform that TV advertisers use.” That requires a particular attention to visuals, manifesting this time around in the AMP capabilities. To account for the differences between not just mobile devices but also video players, “we scale the canvas, not the elements,” he said. “We dynamically detect the device and switch the encoding on the fly.”

The goal of interactive ads is, naturally, interactivity, and aside from the existing stats about how much more engaged tablet users are than the average internet user, Nesamoney can point to cases of Jivox’ ads driving respectable degrees of engagement. “We ran a campaign recently with Toyota via Mojiva,” he said via email. “We can’t share specific results for the campaign, but in general these types of smartphone/tablet ads are getting 2 to 8 percent interaction rates.”

Jivox won the IAB Mobile Rising Stars competition in February and subsequently joined the Rising Stars Working Group. As such, the company is now helping to suggest standards and protocol for the mobile niche, which are “needed to efficiently deliver these kinds of ad experiences at scale,” Nesamoney said. “We expect these kinds of ads to become standards within the year.”


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