Infographic: “The Total Costs of Website Testing”


ADOTAS – Website testing and personalization company Monetate has shared another new infographic, this one about, appropriately enough, the costs of website testing. (If you’re wondering why this matters, check out this column we ran earlier this week, by Covario’s LuRae Lumpkin, about the hazards of ignoring landing page optimization, even if you’re doing your best to drive traffic to your site via search.) Here, Monetate weighs a full-service option against a self-service option, and looks at some of the ways in which a company might discover hidden or unexpected costs. For example, a pay-per-service-call system might look good on paper, but a fixed fee could mean unlimited usage, which can help employees become comfortable enough with website testing to take control of it themselves, to a degree. Is there code involved — and if so, do you or your team know code? Monetate offers a list of some of the questions you might want to ask when considering a website testing service, too. Per usual, click to enlarge:


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