Infographic Set: March Social Trends Report


ADOTASTaykey‘s raison d’etre involves pinpointing trending topics among a range of audiences, then leveraging those trends for the purposes of targeting pertinent ads to those audiences. Now, the company has released results related to what people between the ages of 25 and 35 were discussing online during the month of March. Looking at over 40,000 “social and user-generated online sources” (as an announcement from Taykey phrased it), their crew has laid out the top five topics online for men and for women in that age group. (Side note: Trailer for the new Twilight movie, really? You all are how old now? Well… better luck in April, eh, pop culture?)  From there, Taykey took a look at one trending topic among women (U.S. president Barack Obama) and one among men (the lottery), and examined the platforms and networks on which the discussion was most active over the course of the month, and the sentiment around those topics. They’ve put the results into an infographic triptych of sorts. Check them out, and think of how you might be able to harness this kind of online chatter in your own work:





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