Infographic: Republican Presidential Hopefuls’ Email Strategies


ADOTAS – Digital marketing technology company Silverpop spent January through March grading the four leading candidates for the Republican nomination for the U.S. presidency on their email strategies, and what they’ve found… well, what they’ve found might indicate one or two things about why Rick Santorum dropped out of the race yesterday. Mitt Romney had also beaten out Santorum on email brevity (Romney’s messages were the shortest, typically under 200 words a pop, and Ron Paul’s, as it turns out, were the longest, by quite a bit) and social media integration into emails. Santorum asked his followers for money more often, too — 92 percent of his emails included a call for donations, whereas 72 percent of Romney’s did. To his credit, Santorum’s campaign used fewer names in the “from” line of his emails — five, compared to 15 for the Romney campaign. What’s the takeaway, in light of the demise of Santorum’s campaign? Well, you can be the judge:



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