Infographic: How Do Digital Analysts’ Salaries Rank, City to City?


ADOTAS – Say you’re a digital analytics pro. You perform tasks that are essential to helping the online ad industry understand which of its efforts have an effect, tasks that are so complex, hardly anyone who you run into in the supermarket can understand what you do, exactly. Say you want to take your rarefied skills to a city where you really get the most bang for your buck. To that end, the Digital Analytics Association, using data from IQWorkforce, put together this infographic breaking down the salaries of digital analysts (of various levels of experience) in 10 major U.S. cities, and weighed those salaries against cost of living. The highest average salary? San Francisco — big surprise, being right near the epicenter of the tech world, and one of the most expensive cities around. By this research, the ratio of salary to cost of living actually puts New York — which boasts the second-highest average salary for digital analysts — at the bottom of the list of ten. Where’s the ratio work out the best? Atlanta, with the lowest average cost of living in the 10 cities ranked here. Check out that infographic:



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