Email Marketing Goes SoLoMo


GRAPHICMAIL – “SoLoMo,” the latest online buzzword, is a combination of social, location and mobile marketing, and it’s a quickly-emerging trend that everyone should have on their radar screens.

Essentially, SoLoMo takes the form of mobile phone applications that combine social networking and location data. The blend of these makes perfect sense, if you think about it. With the rise of smartphones and tablets that integrate geolocation technology to help users locate what’s around them, lots of online searches happening today have a local, real-time intent.  Today, people everywhere are using their mobile devices to find what they want with the “right here, right now” mindset — which is where SoLoMo fits in.

An example of SoLoMo would be a smartphone app that determines your location, suggests restaurants close by based on what kind of cuisine you’ve been searching for, which can even extend to providing reviews and ratings for those restaurants or rewards for entering their premises or buying certain items off the menu. So, it’s all about giving people highly-targeted, context-rich communications.

How to Go SoLoMo

GraphicMail attended this April’s ad:tech advertising and technology conference in San Francisco and found that the emphasis was definitely on services that have had success by combining social, location and mobile elements.

Says Carlos González, representative for GraphicMail Mexico: “Ad:tech’s main focus was definitely on mobile, social and affiliate marketing, with location and SEO [highlighted]. Importance given on the presentation program regarding email marketing was secondary, though present during lots of talks as a valuable medium. The landscape of possible media (including, of course, social networks) is confusing, and big — good segmentation should be encouraged permanently, as well as content personalization. ‘Open collaboration’ and ‘innovation’ were words constantly echoed by most of the keynote speakers.”

Many marketing communications cloud services already aim to provide integrated products that can work via multiple platforms for their customers (like laptops, desktop PCs, tablets and smartphones), and email marketing has been mentioned regularly as the strong backbone of current mobile and social developments.

It is the early days still, but the vast possibilities that SoLoMo may bring will be revealed and come to fruition over time, as social media, location-based and mobile technologies continue to intermingle.



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