Customization Is the Wave of the Future for Rich Media


ADOTAS – According to eMarketer, U.S. firms are expected to spend 1.74 billion on rich media advertising in 2013 alone. This is not surprising, as rich media ads  have proven to be more compelling and effective at generating revenue and results than standard ad units. They trigger higher brand awareness from greater engagement levels through the use of the latest captivating, multi-media
technology. Research from IAB has shown that rich media formats are also more effective at reaching high-end smartphone users.

Due to the complexity, creating original rich media ads can be extremely time-consuming and has in the past required a team with special skills and tools. Top brands pay a premium both to internal teams and outsourced resources for their custom work, while everyone else either does without or is pushed toward templated ad solutions. Historically, these “cookie-cutter” template ads do not perform as well as original ads, as the public tends to be turned off by seeing the same ad over and over again as used by multiple brands. If a brand appears disingenuous, the ad can actually erode consumer confidence.

Rich media technology is evolving rapidly, and some of the latest solutions do actually empower non-technical creative people to develop full-function rich media ads all on their own. By putting the power to create and compete into the hands of virtually any agency, brand or publisher these new offerings are changing the online media landscape.

Here are three tips to help you find the right rich media solution for your brand.

Innovate and Iterate:

Even the big guys don’t know which ad will deliver without placing it and keeping score. Solutions that allow even a small team to easily collaborate and generate lots of ideas that can easily be tested and refined without per-ad or per-seat fees will lead to the production of ads that deliver results.

Conserve Effort:

While third-party templates usually feel stale, using technology that allows you to quickly customize, save and templatize your own original ads affords great efficiency. You should have access to your past work so you or other members of your team can reuse components and assets in future work without starting from scratch.

Challenge Every Creative:

Technology should empower the non-technical, not create barriers for them. Every creative idea, regardless of its source at the brand, agency or publisher should have a short, simple path from concept to functional, testable ad. Consumers have sophisticated standards for video and animation. Whatever rich media solution you choose, it should be simple enough to encourage real creativity and powerful enough to deliver professional-quality rich media ads that can be accessed across our ever-changing multi-device landscape.

Rich media is nothing more than a more powerful palate with which you can tell your advertiser’s story. By following these guidelines you can identify technology that will put creative power where it belongs — in the hands of your brand’s storytellers.


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