Covario Launches SEO Reporting/Automation Spinoff

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Apr 24, 2012 
Brian LaRue  |

ADOTAS - Search marketing/SEO services provider Covario announced today the launch of Rio SEO, a new set of content marketing, SEO and social media tools that’s actually meant to be a spin-off brand in and of itself. According to a Covario release, the Rio SEO is  intended for in-house SEO managers at “large and mid-size companies” and search marketers from agencies, and it’s  designed to help better automate and manage content marketing, auditing and reporting, and to evaluate how a business stands up to its competitors in search, via a set of self-service solutions.

The new suite has five offerings right off the bat: search analytics that audit, report on and recommend SEO methods; a website optimization tool that for ecommerce sites and websites that host a large amount of content; an automated mobile website builder and mobile optimization tool; social media ROI tracking and workflow management; and a tool designed to help SEO experts recognize, diagnose and fix SEO problems (the kinds of problems the aforementioned statement says are typically caused accidentally by other parties in a larger organization). The first four tools are “original Covario solutions rebranded,” and they include technology the company has patented in what the company says was the first patent for an SEO tools company, originally filed in 2006.

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