Case Study: Cutting Labor Costs with Tag Management


ADOTAS – While it might not be the easiest thing to visualize (if you’re not used to poking around in a website’s code), proponents of proper tag management trumpet its ability to load pages, improve site functionality, manage page analytics and, ultimately, save money. Tag management company Tealium has shared this brief case study explaining how its services saved one other company $100,000 and 1,000 hours in labor. Without further ado, you can find the text of the study below:


Reducing Tagging Costs through Tag Management
How one e-commerce provider saved $100,000 across its network

Onestop Internet, Inc.: Onestop was founded in January 2003, providing web design and e-commerce technology to the retail apparel industry. The company has broadened it services over time to include online marketing, product photography, technology integration, call centers, and more. Onestop currently serves dozens of major apparel retailers, including Reef, Nicole Miller (screen shot below), True Religion Brand Jeans, and many more.

Challenge: Onestop handles the e-commerce operations for 35+ major apparel retailers, and is frequently tasked with implementing tag-based digital marketing solutions across its entire client base. However, deploying and managing these mission-critical online solutions can be a daunting task, requiring many hours of work on behalf of both marketing and IT staff. Every time marketing wants to add or make a changes to the vendor tag, it has to go through an elaborate process that requires opening an engineering ticket, QA testing, uploading the code changes and more. This entire process can take hours of work and sometimes weeks to fully execute. In one example, Onestop was spending several hours per client web site to implement Kenshoo, a bid management solution.

Solution: Onestop turned to Tealium, the leader in enterprise tag management, for help. Tealium offers an innovative solution that enables marketers themselves to add, edit or modify digital marketing vendor tags by themselves without burdening IT resources. Once Tealium’s single line of code is installed, all other vendor tags can be managed through an intuitive, web-based interface. Users can select from 250-plus integrated digital marketing vendors (such as Kenshoo), add some account details, and click publish – those tags are then immediately implemented on the web site. Tealium completely eliminated the bottleneck for Onestop.

Results: Tealium delivered immediate ROI for Onestop. In the case of Kenshoo, what normally would have taken approximately more than 100 hours to implement across all of its sites, Onestop accomplished in just two hours with Tealium. Over the last year, Onestop estimates it has saved a total of more than 1,000 hours using Tealium to deploy and manage tag-based solutions across its entire network. At $100 per hour, that equals at least $100,000 in savings. In addition, Onestop has been able to generate more revenue for its clients by being able to move much more quickly and efficiently in deploying various online marketing solutions and campaigns.

Tealium is one of those solutions where the value and the benefit is realized almost instantly. It immediately eliminated the tagging issues we were having, helping us move faster and more effectively as a marketing department.” – Jeremy Hermanns, Vice President of Performance Marketing, Onestop


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