BrightEdge Secures Patent for Determining “Share of Voice” in Search

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ADOTAS – Search engine optimization software provider BrightEdge announced it had been awarded an official patent late yesterday, which is a first for not just the company, but for the whole SEO niche, according to BrightEdge execs (meanwhile, it’s the 8-millionth-and-change for the U.S.). It’s called “Operationalizing Search Engine Optimization,” and it reflects the company’s capacity in measuring “share of voice” in organic search engine rankings. (Spell check, by failing to recognize the word “operationalizing,” seems at least to support the concept’s uniqueness.)

By gauging “share of voice,” an entity can achieve some sense of how its search rankings compare to the rankings of similar entities, laying out what a statement from BrightEdge calls “the entire competitive landscape” for a set of keywords, including the percentage of keywords in that group, and the number of keywords total, for which the entity in question ranks. For businesses, it offers a means of checking one’s own position in search against that of one’s competitors, ideally helping businesses identify their competitors and providing clues on how they can make their SEO strategies smarter. According to the aforementioned statement, there wasn’t a quantifiable, systematic way of measuring “share of voice” before BrightEdge developed this one. And now, with its patent in place, BrightEdge has the lock on it.

The company cites 2,000 brands and marketing groups among its client base.