BlueKai, Datalogix Partner to Leverage Purchase-Based Audience Data


ADOTAS – Data management platform and exchange provider BlueKai has partnered with database marketing company Datalogix, in a move the two companies expect will advertisers to make the most of BlueKai’s extensive audience data and Datalogix’ capacities for building online audiences and data models specific to consumer behavior.

It’s a timely announcement, considering there’s been a lot of discussion lately around studies — including those conducted by Crain’s, Columbia University Business School and DataXu — suggesting while marketers understand the importance of digging into the digital realm, they often feel they they don’t have the skills or the tools to make sense of the data available to them, or don’t know who they should approach for help in making sense of it. The BlueKai/Datalogix partnership aims to match audience data from the former’s exchange to data relating to customer purchases from the latter, thus allowing brands to not have to rely entirely on their own ,’ customer data. “We start with the marketer’s own internal data as a source of ‘goodness,'” BlueKai CEO Omar Tawakol said via email, “and then apply models to find customers who shop in the same way that the marketer’s current customers do. Rather than expecting the marketer to know what data to look for out of a myriad of branded data options, this approach uses your own internal data to identify the right targets.” That allows the marketer to test how audiences might perform, based on data from the brand’s previous campaigns. “They can say, ‘This segment of audience data worked wonders; I want more,'” Tawakol elaborated, “and be able to do so seamlessly in one platform that connects the data and modeling end to end.

“Unlike almost all other lookalike solutions, this approach isn’t a black box,” Tawakol said. “You can take the output and benchmark it against all the internal and external data the marketer already knows and trusts.”

The benefit of bringing Datalogix’ and BlueKai’s specialties together, said Tawakol, is that “the marketer can make sure their data is available for whoever produces the best model. In other words, we already had a model that separates data from media — that is what the DMP [data management platform] does. The innovation here is that we separated the data platform provider from the modeling provider. That kind of integration and portability is the whole point of a DMP.”

A release from BlueKai specified automotive, CPG, retail and travel as industries that were particularly poised to benefit from the partnership with Datalogix, a company that boasts previous professional relationships building “spend-alike” models for over 1,000 direct marketers.



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