Appcelerator Launches New Development Platform, Expanded Cloud Services


ADOTAS – Mobile app development platform provider Appcelerator launched the newest version of its Titanium platform today, with the 2.0 release adding wide availability of cloud services and HTML5 support. Cloud services — which, in a phone conversation last week, Appcelerator vice president of product management Jo Ann Bucker called “the big addition to the platform” — are intended to allow developers more efficient means of creating apps without building the backend for them as, as Bucker explained, make content available for cross-platform and cross-device experiences. The cloud services, Bucker said, offer “infrastructure as a service,” with developers being able to scale and host data. That’s the most basic layer of Appcelerator Cloud Services.”

Beyond that, ACS offers 15 pre-set features, including in-app chat, check-ins, social logins, photo sharing and storage, location features, status updates that Bucker described as “Twitter-like,” discussion forums and push notifications. “You can load [those features] with a line of code,” she said. “We’ve taken the hassle of out writing code.

“We’ve traditionally spent a lot of time on really rich client-side development,” Bucker continued. With Appcelerator’s clients, she said, “Where they’ve struggled is the backside.” An enterprise company “has to get into the IT queue.” Independent companies “need services from multiple vendors, or to hire a guy.”

Bucker pointed to a couple of examples of where ACS has worked out well. She described how one company wanted to let users of an app create a shopping list via a tablet, or in some related “lean-back experience,” and then access that list via smartphone, when they’re out and about. For that company to build the backend to assure support on multiple devices and platforms “would’ve taken nine months,” she said. She mentioned “a customer that’s into logistics,” a trucking company that wanted to send push notifications to its drivers, which ACS could handle. That’s part of what the 15 pre-loaded services offer — Bucker said Appcelerator has more up its sleeve that are “a twinkle in someone’s eye or being beta tested.”

Bucker said that when it comes to in-app advertising, Appcelerator and the updated Titanium acknowledged the amount of attention that medium is receiving these days. “We have a ton of extensions [and] integrations with advertising partners,” she said. “The community had built thousands. We’d built 30.” And with ads and content alike, she pointed to the “rich experiences” afforded by apps. “It’s not just a matter of reaching, it’s a matter of engagement,” she said.

Appecelerator’s hosting a webinar on Titanium 2.0 on Thursday, Apr. 19, for which participants can sign up here.


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