Zenya Reveals Database of 1.4 Billion Search Marketing Keywords


ADOTASZenya, a spinoff of search engine Info.com that provides tools intended to help digital marketers and agencies find useful insights in Big Data, revealed a categorical repository of 1.4 billion search engine marketing (SEM) keywords today at the Search Engine Strategies New York conference in New York City. Three years in the making, the repository categorizes over 600 million keywords by searcher intent, and the company says this is the first resource ever of such scale.

According to a release issued by Zenya, the newly-launched database was created with the help of “a team of subject matter experts,” and it’s designed to help search marketers build out their keyword portfolios while discovering new keywords across a massive scale of data. The company’s software contextualizes keywords in order to try to discern customer intent, and the aforementioned experts check over the results to make sure they’re relevant and placed in the proper intent categories. In its analysis of keyword portfolios, Zenya considers the keyword-to-impression (KTI) figures of the categories into which it groups terms, which can give a business a clearer idea of which categories perform well — at which point they can add more keywords to those categories if they like — and which don’t. (The same basic principle applies if a campaign is looking to optimize for clicks or conversions instead of impressions.) The categories are sets of keywords grouped together with a mind to helping meet the specific goals of a campaign, and the data from which Zenya draws insights is refreshed every day.

As it stands, customers can use Zenya to find specific keyword sets by setting limits to character count, excluding banned or “adult” terms, eliminating terms of their choice or opting to include or exclude any of over 170,000 brand terms. According to the release Zenya issued in advance of today’s announcement, it’ll be offering more such filters in the future.

As Zenya CEO Stephen Scarr put it in the aforementioned release, the company’s approach “enables marketers and agencies to tap into these keyword categories to quickly build out campaigns like never before. Test programs have delivered, with even the smartest search marketers discovering new highly productive keywords.”



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