What Advertisers Can Learn from the Daily Deal Industry


ADOTAS – The daily deal industry is a great example of how to utilize email marketing in order to reach and acquire new customers. According to a study performed by ExactTarget, email marketing drives more ROI than any other digital channel, including social media and PPC advertising. Furthermore, more than 50 percent of consumers make purchases as a direct outcome of email. So what can brand advertisers learn from the success of the daily deal industry and its email marketing strategy?

Provide a Clear Message

Email marketing is most effective when you provide your consumers with a clear and consistent message. Whether you are looking to grow signups, sell more product or gain brand awareness, it is important that you provide your consumers with a clear value proposition message about your brand and your product. It is also important that your emails are consistent in design with your website as well as your other marketing mediums.

Daily deal sites succeed in this area, as they offer consumers a simple value proposition message — a discount on the products being sold through their site. In addition, daily deal sites design their emails with their consumer in mind. The daily deal emails contain vivid pictures, enticing headlines and sub-headlines and compelling copy that all encourage consumers to visit the daily deal website in order to purchase the deal.

Segment and Target Your Lists

Consumers respond positively to messages that are relevant to them. With 57 percent of global consumers saying that they are more likely to buy a product in a store after receiving a marketing e-mail about it (according to eDialogue), it is important to not lump all your consumers into one group. Divide your list into different consumer segments so you can provide each group of consumers with messaging and products that best suit their needs. The cost of a poorly targeted email is lack of engagement, loss of attention and ultimately a decrease in response.

By tracking what offers each consumer responded to or purchased, daily deal sites are better able to target their offers to their consumer and increase that consumer’s loyalty to the site. For example, if a consumer previously purchased a discount offer for a spa treatment, then the main feature offer for that consumer’s next email should be a spa- or health-related offer, since the consumer has already showed interest in that type of product.

Frequency and Timing

Reaching your consumers when they are most receptive to your message is another key component to a successful email marketing program. Will your consumer respond if you send them an email on a daily basis? What about on a weekly basis? If so, what day of the week would be most effective for your product or service? What time of day is most effective? When does your website receive the
most amount of traffic? By learning about your consumer, utilizing analytics tools, performing market research and requesting feedback from your consumers, your brand will better be able to implement an effective email marketing campaign.

Many daily deal sites adjust their email schedules to reflect the responsive levels of the emails they sent out and the feedback they received from their consumers. By showing flexibility, encouraging feedback and listening to their consumers, deal sites are better able to serve the needs of their consumers.

Brand advertisers can learn from the success of the daily deal industry and implement a targeted, consistent and valuable email marketing campaign.


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