Video: “The Future of Publishing” Talks Image Monetization


ADOTAS – Images are everywhere on the web, crucial to the user experience of most websites. And one of the key takeaways of the entirety of online culture is that if something is ubiquitous, someone will try to make money off of it. Case in point: Right around the time Pinterest was blowing up in popular online consciousness, it came to light that the network was inserting affiliate links in some of the images it hosts. And so, this brings us to the latest episode of The Future of Publishing, in which host Murray Newlands and VigLink CEO Oliver Roup interview Rey Flemings of Stipple and Chas Edwards of Luminate about how web publishers can monetize their images. Flemings explains that his company helps publishers monetize their images both on-site and around the web, through tags that carry any information of advertising wherever the image goes. Edwards says his company places advertising near content or allows publishers to “use ad-supported content as a mechanism to enhance the experience,” as he puts it, through “interactive images with sponsorable content and services.” But in order for images to be monetized in a way that actually works, Flemings points out, “The name of the game is context.”

This video is Part One of a three-part discussion. Check this space next week for its continuation.



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