Video: “The Future of Publishing” Continues Talking About Image Monetization

Inplace #2

ADOTAS – Images are intrinsic to the online experience, both enjoyed and expected by the user. How can an online publisher use images to monetize the images they post, through branded content, closely-placed ads, or other methods? Last week, Future of Publishing host Murray Newlands and VigLink CEO Oliver Roup began their on-screen discussion with Stipple‘s Rey Flemings and Luminate‘s Chas Edwards, addressing just those questions and what a publisher can do to strategize image monetization, and today they’re back for the second segment of that talk.  Edwards points out here that perhaps 40 percent of pages on the web are not monetized, and he cites click rates of 20 percent on the images on his site — a number that crushes click-throughs for display ads in most situations. So, how can publishers take that space and use it to their financial benefit? What will users expect or want — and, as Roup asks, what happens when users reject those images? It’s a matter of speaking to the user experience — and Flemings points out that what’s good for the user can be synonymous with what’s good for the publisher or the brand. Watch it here: