Video: “The Future of Engagement” Goes to South by Southwest


ADOTAS – Happy South by Southwest, everyone. Whether you’re partying in Austin this week and soaking up the latest technological and cultural developments to hit the scene or simply peering enviously at the event from behind your computer screen in your own living room, Murray Newlands is taking a close look at how you’re talking about it on the internet in the latest edition of his video series, The Future of Engagement. He explores the online presence of both stars of social media and, as he puts it, “real celebrities,” and he digs into what the big stories of this year’s festivals might be (there’s been a lot of discussion beforehand about Big Data, he observes. And how are people sharing their thoughts and experiences? Well, since it’s a physical event, he points out, they’re sharing a lot of photos. And you don’t even have to be there to be part of the discussion — there’s a recurring Twitter hashtag #NotAtSxSW,” he observes. But, Newlands opines, the fact that SxSW has generated so much conversation online shows that even if so much of our everyday interactions happen on the internet, large, physical events are still important. Here’s the video:


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