Video: “Is the End of Social Media Near?”


ADOTAS – The great thing about Facebook is that almost everyone you know is on Facebook, so it’s a great forum to broadcast your message to a huge audience instantly. The downside of Facebook is that almost everyone you know is on Facebook, and more and more of them are check Facebook for information on anything they might be able to find on the network before venturing out into the wider web (which, of course, is where your website lives). How can you compete? For some answers, Influence People CEO Murray Newlands goes to Chris Saad, co-founder and strategic vice president of Echo, a company that brings together in one forum what’s happening on your website with the discussion of your brand or product on Facebook and Twitter. In this episode of interview series The Future of Publishing, Saad talks about the transition from the static web to the real-time social web, and how the users’ growing expectation that the subjects they follow have a real-time web presence demands, as he puts it, a “mix of content creation and content curation.” Considering the new paradigm, Saad says, “the future actually is not publishing so much as conversation.” Here’s the video:



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