Unbounce and HubSpot Integrate Tech to Power Landing Pages for SMBs


ADOTAS – Today, self-serve landing page company Unbounce announced it had integrated its software with inbound marketing software provider HubSpot to allow the a one-stop publishing platform for better landing page performance. Unbounce is positioned to serve small and mid-sized businesses, and to give them the tools to develop landing pages and, ideally, drive conversions, without explicit coding knowledge or IT work, and by making lead information from HubSpot readily available to business owners and marketers in one place, the integration provides what Unbounce CEO Rick Perrault called “arguably the most powerful platform” for SMBs to optimize their web pages, allowing them to access and implement lead data from HubSpot in “just a couple clicks.”

This partnership seems to mark another step in the extended process of democratizing the web for businesses that don’t have extensive IT departments. “Anything you could do with a web developer, you can do with Unbounce,” Perrault said during a recent phone call; a release from the company points out marketers can leverage Unbounce to create and test landing pages tailored to specific promotions conducted via paid search, display advertising, email or social marketing. “There are templates for everything. It’s completely editable. Or you can build the page from scratch. It’s like PowerPoint. Through the magic of c-naming, it looks like it’s sitting on your website,” even though the page is actually housed on the Unbounce server. Integrating with HubSpot’s technology means Unbounce customers can take the insights about the performance of their landing pages and transfer it to their HubSpot accounts. HubSpot, by a similar token, works with SMBs to make their websites more dynamic and more engaging, specifically so those sites can generate more leads and more conversions. “Both companies work in a very similar way,” Perrault said. “We do inbound marketing. We make it easy for customers to find us.”



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