The Two-Pronged Benefits of Search Retargeting


ADOTAS – According to SEMPO (the Search Engine Marketing Professional Association), the North American search marketing industry will exceed $20 billion in 2012. Much of that growth is expected to be found in innovative areas like search retargeting. Often touted for its superiority to traditional run-of-network display advertising, search engine marketing is an effective marketing solution due to its ability to target consumers who are already interested and searching for your product online. Enter search retargeting.

Search retargeting is a form of behavioral retargeting that targets an audience based on the previous searches they conduct on other websites or search engines. It is designed to find new customers who have likely never been to your website before, but who have shown interest in the type of product or service you offer.

Search retargeting combines the precision and efficiency of search with the reach and branding power of display to effectively increase leads and sales. The next evolution of search marketing, search retargeting allows advertisers to remain engaged with consumers who recently searched for their product or service-related keywords when those consumers are outside the search engine environment and browsing ad-supported content. While typical paid search campaigns only yield a 3 to 5 percent click-through rate, search retargeting gives marketers a second chance to reach the other 95 to 97 percent who have already shown interest, since the user searched for something with a keyword that is relevant to their product or service.

Retargeting is also important because people are not usually ready to make a decision when they initially search for something. They first like to do some research to figure out what they want before they make their final decision. So while they are browsing around the web on ad-supported sites, your ads will show up and continue to remain top of mind for consumers.

In addition to its reach, control and transparency, search retargeting also provides the benefit of considerable cost savings for many terms and verticals. For those search marketers who are frustrated by high CPC prices and/or low inventory for those terms, search retargeting can help combat CPC inflation. Marketers should be mindful, though, that their potential for cost savings will vary by vertical category and can be driven by the click-through rate of the creative.

By developing a search retargeting plan, one can benefit from this emerging and cost-effective platform that combines the targeting of search with the brand awareness of display.


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