Reports: Google Hires Digg Co-Founder Kevin Rose


ADOTAS – According to reports from around the web (AllThingsD laid claim to an exclusive story earlier today), Google has hired Digg co-founder Kevin Rose, who will start a new gig of an unspecified nature with the search behemoth on Monday. The report lands just a day after Oink, the local reviews and recommendation app created by Milk, the app-maker Rose owns, would cease operations after a five-month run. Rose cofounded Digg in 2004, and the social network, which allowed users to share and vote on links, enjoyed a few years of wide success — during the period when it was really flourishing, Google was briefly interested in buying Digg for what was said to be something in the ballpark of $200 million.

Perhaps tellingly, the reports, unconfirmed by both Google and Rose at this time but allegedly coming from a source close to the issue, say Google didn’t hire just Rose, but also other members of the Milk team. If it’s true, that indicates much more clearly what Google has in mind. While Rose has demonstrated a sense for how to get internet users to engage with a network — which has obvious implications for Google+ and its challenges in bringing users back to its network with any frequency — a group grab of Milk staffers could say something about Google’s efforts in the app market, although what, specifically, remains to be seen.

Oink was, incidentally, the only app Milk put on the market.



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