ReadyPulse Launches, Reaches a Brand’s Biggest Fans on Social Media


ADOTAS – Social marketing software provider ReadyPulse launched its “brand advocacy platform” today, which aims to allow social marketers or even ad agencies to seek out the most active and influential proponents of the brands they represent, and to build deeper relationships with and reward those people.

ReadyPulse’s technology looks at posts across social media platforms and scores those posts, to quantify how well what types of content are doing well with which kinds of audiences. It evaluates not only how the conversation around the brand in question, but also the conversation around that brand’s competitors. It also ranks the “loyalty” of a brand’s top advocates, which provides insights into their behavior.

In a recent conversation, board member and director Dennis O’Malley explained the ReadyPulse platform was developed with input from clients and has been, for the last several months, “in stealth mode with two fairly prominent apparel manufacturers.” He said the company’s approach involved answering the basic questions of “How do I drive ecommerce? What is the right social marketing approach?,” and that the guiding answers were, “One, through managing an audience, and two from managing the content.” Hence the scoring system to gauge who the most engaged users are with a brand. Then there is, as O’Malley explained, “the recommendation engine, looking for advocates, alerts to competitors’ actions, the best content from the website to post to the Facebook page, the best content from the Facebook page to post to the website, what to Tweet,” and so on.

“Understanding true influence is not well known,” O’Malley said. “It’s hard for marketers to get good feedback.” ReadyPulse’s technology, he explained, can glean insights that might not be so intuitive. For example, he mentioned how one of the company’s beta partners saw that while it didn’t necessarily have as many Facebook fans as its competitors, it found where on the network it had better “brand advocates and better content” than the competitors. The result for the campaign was “an almost instantaneous shift in marketing spend.”

O’Malley pointed out that right now, ReadyPulse is offering a “free 14-day for any marketer or agency” looking to try out the platform.



  1. Hello Brian – thank you for covering ReadyPulse launch. Brand advocacy is a critical new step in making social media marketing successful and we are excited to be part of this evolution.

    President & Co-Founder


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