Infographic: “Website Testing: Move Beyond the Landing Page”


ADOTAS – According to this new infographic from website testing and personalization company Monetate, if you’re going to be selling goods on your site, you’d better test it as often as possible, and here, they’ve aimed to explain what that could mean. Your site should deliver, says the infographic, “a unique shopping experience for every visitor,” which means you should make sure it’s delivering the right messages and the right offers to the right customers. Monetate underlines which elements of a site successful retailers test and provides a brief introduction to the kind of services available and what you should look and listen for when you’re in the market for a website testing service. It’s a lot to consider, but the implication is that if you’re not looking at all aspects of your site, you could end up losing customers that you could’ve easily retained. Here’s that infographic (click to enlarge):


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