Infographic: “The 2012 Interactive SxSW Buzz”


ADOTAS – Welcome back to the office, everyone who spent last week at South by Southwest (or, as we at Adotas might call those folks, “lucky jerks”).  We’d ask what we missed, but the thing is, through the wonders of social media, we already know. And in this new infographic, social media management company tracx sums up what people were talking about, and when, and where in Austin they were talking about, and through which social media channels. Through a whopping 1,319, 877 social media mentions, they’ve compiled stats about the shop talk (Highlight, Glancee and Sonar were tapped as this year’s hottest startups at the festival, and tracx gives us their founders’ respective “buzz index) and the off-hours stuff (the parties saw triple the mentions as the panels, and the most-talked-about was Jay-Z’s private show for American Express), in addition to the big winners when it comes to brands and ad campaigns, and a whole bunch of other fun figures. And if you couldn’t make South by Southwest this year and wished you could have been, fear not — according to tracx’ stats, 71,462 of you felt the same way. Here’s that infographic (click to enlarge):



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