IBM Coremetrics Integrates SteelHouse’s “Real Time Offers”

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Mar 12, 2012 
Brian LaRue  |

ADOTAS - Behavioral commerce platform SteelHouse announced today it had partnered with optimization service IBM Coremetrics, in a move that would boost AdTarget, Coremetrics’ behavioral targeting ad platform by integrating SteelHouse’s retargeting capabilities and “Real Time Offers” function. That’s a function designed to deliver a customizable branded message, addressing an offer pertinent to a particular audience segment, while the targeted user is on the retailer’s website. With Coremetrics’ ability to pull in user data via web analytics tags, the partnership aims to bring the resulting blend of advanced targeting capacities and ability to act in essentially real time to help online retailers drive up more conversions and revenue.

In a release issued earlier today, the technology was described as a “drag-and-drop” for the advertiser. The ads themselves are installed via a JavaScript tag, according to the statement, and customizing them doesn’t require outside engineering. The messages users see can be either retargeted or a reflect a fresh offer, and the two companies say those messages can appear anywhere on the webpage the advertiser wishes. Said SteelHouse president and CEO, Mark Douglas, in the release, by way of explaining the relevance of the partnership, “SteelHouse’s technology lets ecommerce marketers understand their shoppers, narrow in on specific shopper segments and deliver highly relevant messages via targeted display ads and real-time offers to close the sale. Now, Coremetrics users will have the ability to act in real time and deploy targeted offers and campaigns as well as manage and optimize these campaigns.”

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