Google Updates AdSense User Features


ADOTAS – Because Google just can’t stop updating its features for its ad services this week, Google AdSense announced enhanced services today intended to give publishers more control over the ads Google delivers to their websites.

As explained in a post product manager Dan Stokeley wrote on the AdSense blog, the updates are in the ad review center. Publisher users can now see ads delivered to their sites via all available types of targeting and review them before they go live. While the ad review center used to group together certain ads for the publisher’s once-over, now they’re broken down on an ad-by-ad level. If you’ve specified types of ads you might want to block, those ads will appear highlighted in the review center, Stokeley explained. The process of selecting ads to block is now just a click-and-drag one.

Also, ads that are generating the most impressions on a user’s site now show up at the top of the list of ads for review, as are placement-targeted ads that Google thinks are likely to generate the most impressions. According to Stokely, ads that receive no impressions or seem likely to receive no impressions won’t appear in the review center at all. With more desirable ads that do appear, publishers will be able to take a closer look by hovering a cursor over any ad for a wider view.

The new ad review center will roll out over “the next few days,” says the AdSense team — unless you use Internet Explorer 7 or an earlier version. If so, you’ll need to get with the program and install a supported browser. Read slightly more details at the AdSense blog.



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