Google AdWords Launches Feature Explaining Approval Status


ADOTASGoogle AdWords has announced it’s introduced this week another function to make its services more user-friendly — the ability to “diagnose” ads that haven’t been approved. AdWords now presents users with possible reasons an ad hasn’t been approved —  budgetary conflicts, possibly, or anything that illuminates how Google’s advertising policies might conflict with the regions or keywords the user might want to target — those policies might affect, ahem, certain products and services. (In all fairness, “naughty” businesses aren’t the only ones that might be limited. You can always check Google’s explanation of its AdWords policy.) view the status of their ads by hovering over the icon stating whether or not a particular ad is showing; that will bring up keywords and targeted location, which the user can edit in that view.

See an example of that view below, as originally posted on the AdWords blog.




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