Google AdWords Announces Updated Contextual Engine, Display Interface


ADOTAS – In yet another new set of developments to the user experience, Google announced this morning a pair of changes in how advertisers can buy and display ads via its AdWords service. First, AdWords will be offering a “Display Network” tab, an interface built specifically to suit the needs of a display advertising campaign. The difference, according to a statement on the AdWords blog (written by Alok Goel and Rebecca Illowsky, product managers for the contextual targeting engine and the new display tab respectively, and prinicpal engineer Claire Cui), is that the previous interface had been designed nearly a decade ago for search, Google’s  calling card, after all. With the new look, users will be able to bid, target and optimize a display campaign from a centralized view.

The second is a revamped contextual engine — the algorithm that determines, via keywords, which pages are appropriate to display which ads — which the AdWords team calls the “biggest enhancement ever” for the engine. They’re calling the results of the changes “Next-Gen Keyword Contextual Targeting” and explaining the engine now incorporates search in such a way that a contextual ad campaign can be honed “down to individual keyword level.” Throughout the course of a display ad campaign, says the AdWords crew, advertisers can see how each keyword is performing and, if they’d like, focus their energy on targeting keywords that prove to be most successful while holding back on pushing to the poorer-performing terms.

The AdWords team also announced “a new way to visualize the reach of your campaigns” and how different combinations of targeting practices can have an effect, though it didn’t reveal an example the way it did for the new display tab (which you can see below).

AdWords expects to roll out these changes for its users over the next few weeks, and also announced a May 15 webinar to detail the keyword contextual targeting capabilities.




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