Exact Drive, Canned Banners Partner for One-Stop Ad Design and Targeting


ADOTAS – Earlier today, digital media agency Exact Drive and display ad design company Canned Banners announced they’d partnered to allow marketers the opportunity to handle the design and creation of ads, as well as the audience targeting for a campaign, in one fell swoop. This is a move of particular interest to smaller and medium-sized businesses, which stand to benefit from a more streamlined process whereby they can launch a fairly sophisticated ad campaign without operating with too many outside companies. The partnership allows for dynamic ad campaigns, in which different target audiences will see different content in the ads, ideally content to suit their particular interests. According to a release from the two companies, together they can offer media planning, the creation of the ads, campaign management and reporting and optimization.

“We’re not trying to be media guys. They’re not trying to be creatives,” Canned Banners co-founder Myles Younger said of his company’s relationship to Exact Drive in a phone conversation last week. They’re trying to address together a number of questions, including, he offered, “how do you do a performance-based media buy? A lot of money is being spent unwisely by marketers, shoving online into a pure branding channel.” But conversely, he said, “performance-based solutions… don’t bring anything creative.”

With a lot of companies in their niche, Younger said, “the CEO is either a media geek or a creative geek. You can do both, but one or the other is going to be anemic.” This partnership, he explained, allows the two sides to check each other. “Tech guys [will say], ‘How can we solve it with math? How can we solve it with more lines of code?'” Meanwhile, creative types wonder, “‘What feels good?’ We have to slap ourselves in the face sometimes and say, ‘It’s not performing.'”

In this case, Younger said of Exact Drive, “They found us.” They found Canned Banners via Retargeter, with whom Canned Banners had partnered in the past. “Philosophically, we were on exactly the same page,” he said of his experience with Exact Drive. They’ve worked on, he said, “a couple one-off projects since last summer.”

They did run tests during the beta period of this partnership, and Younger said Exact Drive had cited the client saw “consistent click-through rates of 0.6 percent up to 2.2 percent.”


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