DoubleVerify Announces Pre-Bid Ad Verification for Real-Time Bidding

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Mar 5, 2012 
Brian LaRue  |

ADOTAS – Ad verification company DoubleVerify announced today it had extended its services to the real-time bidding (RTB) exchanges by offering real-time pre-bid verification. Right now, it’s made its data available to real-time ad platform AppNexus, with CPX Interactive and Dedicated Media using pre-bid data to target ads in real time. According to a release from the company, other partnerships are in the works.

According to DoubleVerify senior vice president of partnerships and business development Eoin Townsend, the move into RTB is “one of the key things the agencies have asked us for,” and part of a general shift in the verification business: “We know what I’m trying to target away from, but what am I targeting to?” Townsend said. The pre-bid process, he said, involves “connecting reporting to action.” But, he said, pre-bid verification involves quite a bit of volume. “You actually have to change the way you scale to get the pre-bid,” Townsend explained, citing “five to ten bids for each impression.” (DoubleVerify already claims to handle over 60 billion ad impressions per month.) But in working with CPX and Dedicated Media and testing out the pre-bid process, he said they saw non-compliance drop from, in some cases, 14 percent of impressions down to one or two percent. “They’re paying for that impression,” Townsend said, “We’re reporting it back outside of the IO. We’re saving them an additional 10 percent in their media buy.”

DoubleVerify is now making its RTB-ready data available to trading desks, ad networks and DSPs, and moving forward, Townsend said the company is looking to “expand from RTB to direct buy. You’re going to see us moving across channels… in the media buying process.” This includes looking to mobile, which has its own challenges in measuring the quality of an ad impression, including, Townsend explained, the question, “What apps are you running on? There’s a big difference between running on a New York Times app and running on a social gaming app.” But, he said, the company’s keeping an eye on answering questions from both the buy side and the sell side of the industry. “You see a lot of reporting on reporting,” he said. “You see a lot of reporting on targeting. You don’t see a lot of bridging that gap.”

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