Dedicated Media and Peer39: Page Intelligence Plus Retargeting Drive Clicks Way Up


ADOTAS –  Today, online ad network Dedicated Media and page-level intelligence technology provider Peer39 announced that after a year-long partnership, they’d seen substantial improvement of ad campaigns compared to campaigns using more standard targeting methods. One major automotive manufacturer saw a 500 percent increase in click-throughs when Peer39’s technology was implemented over Dedicated Media’s decisioning engine, while one major computer software brand found contextual segments (that is, segments defined by page level data rather than by demographic audiences) that drove conversions seven times more efficiently than with other methods. In a release issued today, Dedicated Media said there were “several cases” in which implementing Peer39’s methods led to double the click-through rate yielded by impressions from other data sets.

In a nutshell, Peer39’s technology looks at the web page first, instead of the internet user’s data. It doesn’t rely on cookies, and it can optimize a campaign in real time. “We basically provide information about what the page is about,” Peer39 vice president of business development Chrisanne McCoy explained in a phone call earlier this week. “That’s for targeting. Also, we provide information about how the page is constructed. … Third, we provide information on whether the content is safe” — that is to say, to make sure it’s not scammy, or porn. With all of Peer39’s media partners, they’re able to “do this at scale, really, really fast. [We’re] processing about 20 billion impressions across all our partners.”

McCoy said that over the time her company has worked with Dedicated Media, they’ve tried to answer the question of, as she put it, “How can we find the most relevant and top-performing inventory?” Peer39’s data revealing which web pages had content related to what subjects was leveraged with retargeting strategies, but with retargeting, said McCoy, “there’s only so much out there. Dedicated’s a pretty sophisticated platform. They have a lot of really smart people. Our goal is basically to enable… all these levers to pull.”

In the two cases highlighted in today’s announcement — the auto maker and the software provider — Peer39 helped Dedicated Media go beyond more traditional audience targeting. With the auto campaign, McCoy explained, Peer39 looked for car insurance sites that had a lot of ad impressions. For the software company, Peer39 looked for pages that had to do not just with software, but with graphic design, where they found an eager audience. “If I’m looking for an audience that’s looking for my content,” McCoy asked, “what kind of content are they going to be interested in?… It’s really about choosing the environment you want to be in.”

While the hazards of using RTB have to do with being at the whim of an automated system delivering ads throughout the web, McCoy pointed out there’s also the benefit of optimizing in real time. “It’s a great place for experimentation,” she said. “You can do it almost on the fly. There’s so much inventory, really, on a daily basis.

“All is good in RTB, to be honest,” McCoy said. For her company, she explained, advertisers have a degree of comfort, thinking, as she put it, “‘If we have control in a place like Peer39, we can be confident [the ad] won’t end up on a page that doesn’t reflect our brand.’ We don’t need to use a white list. We don’t need to do ad-blocking. A brand can really choose where they want to be and where they don’t want to be.”



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