DataXu Finds Online Prospecting Plus Retargeting Drives Up Revenues


ADOTAS – Digital marketing management platform provider DataXu released its latest MarketPulse report today, which looks at the effects of combining online prospecting and retargeting in a campaign. Folding online prospecting into a campaign that already relies upon retargeting can ramp up conversions by up to 147 percent, the DataXu’s studies showed — looking at campaigns conducted by DataXu customers in the automotive, telecom, consumer services and financial services sectors, financial services benefited the most, with that aforementioned 147 percent conversion increase. The customer service sector saw a 128 percent conversion increase, telecom saw 43 percent and automotive saw 37 percent.

Retargeting — the process of targeting ads to people who have already engaged online with a brand by visiting its websites or taken some kind of action — is appealing because it calls out to people who have already have a particular brand or even product in mind to purchase, but, as a release from DataXu issued today pointed out, it’s limited in scale to just the people who have engaged with a certain brand and its web presence. Prospecting, however, is meant to, as the release put it, “discover pockets of dynamic demand”  out on the web. In other words, it’s an automated version of the classic sales model of going forth and finding leads. Once those leads are found, they can be retargeted in the same way that users who have specifically visited a brand’s website can. To find out the degree to which this works, DataXu’s Advanced Analytics Group studied several ad campaigns across those four previously-cited sectors, looking at the actions of users who had converted. They sorted those consumers into two categories — those who been retargeted to based on offline exposure to the brand, and those were discovered through online prospecting and then retargeted to. By DataXu’s estimation, the improved results of combining the two methods is more efficient and more scalable, which potentially could save quite a bit of ad spend.

The entire MarketPulse report is downloadable at the DataXu website.


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