Data Provider V12 Group Jumps on eXelate’s Platform

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Mar 27, 2012 
Brian LaRue  |

ADOTAS – Today, offline audience data provider V12 Group and data management and marketing company eXelate announced they’d partnered to allow agencies and advertisers insights from V12′s data, which includes PYCO, a data set that sorts consumers into 16 categories based on the Myers-Briggs Indicator for personality type. According to a release issued this morning, using eXelate’s platform and V12′s audience insights, advertisers can access nine V12 categories — for example, demographic, sports and fitness, lifestyle or travel — and over 300 audience segments to deliver more specific, niche-friendly campaigns, via display or video.

According to eXelate CRO Damian Garbaccio, reached via phone yesterday, “eXelate has premium data content. We also have modeled data. In the middle are the syndicated segments.” That’s where V12 stands in this partnership, as a syndicate providing data over eXelate’s platform. “V12 has a variety of sources and segments that are available for targeting,” Garbaccio said. “eXelate is the conduit.” With this partnership, he said, advertisers can “scale… for best distribution.

“People are always looking for more interesting ways to use data,” said Garbaccio, but he said purely “interesting” data isn’t enough for his company’s needs. But v12 possesses, he said, “a massive proprietary data set. One of the things we looked at was, ‘Is there going to be enough to scale?’” In observing V12′s capacities, he said, “We’ve seen them, in the first four or five months, eclipse some of the syndicated partners.”

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