AOL Announces Beta Launch of DSP AdLearn Open Platform


ADOTASAOL strode onto the programmatic buying landscape today with the beta launch of its AdLearn Open Platform (AOP), essentially a DSP (demand-side platform) through which clients will be able to manage, optimize and analyze their online display campaigns over all AOL properties and network inventory. The platform is an outgrowth from’s AdLearn software, which specializes in optimization and RTB (real-time bidding) functions. AOL announced Accuen, IPG’s Mediabrands Audience Platform and iProspect would be initial beta partners with AOP.

A release issued by AOL this morning called the available inventory “the largest market of RTB inventory available,” and of course what we’re talking about is the premium, non-reserved display inventory of the combined ad networks managed by AOL, Yahoo! and Microsoft. The three joined forces back in November of 2011, forging an alliance widely interpreted as a gambit against Google’s huge share of the online ad market.

Clients will be able to use the platform either as a self-service product (a report from AdWeek published today says the user interface is comparable to WordPress’ content management system) or through a managed service with assistance from analysts. AdWeek also reported AOL CRO Ned Brody told the publication AOR is the first of three major products to be launched this year — there’s also an SSP (supply-side platform) and a real-time bidding platform coming, at unspecified dates.


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