Infographic: How Social Will Win the Election Ad Wars


ADOTAS – Social advertising platform 140 Proof launched a new social tool for political campaigns yesterday (targeted, top-of-newsfeed ads created in real time from a candidate’s Tweets), and to accompany the news, the company released an infographic about social media’s importance in the 2012 election. In 2008, social media was really important in garnering grassroots support for candidates with the foresight to really use it (including, famously, Barack Obama, and obviously that worked out well for him), but our society is even more immersed in social media than it was four years ago. And advertisers recognize this — according to 140 Proof’s research, social ad spend is expected to hit $142 million this year, as opposed to $9.5 million in 2008. In social media, an ad campaign can change its message almost instantly, and people can share the messages from those ads — neither of which are options in the old standby of television. And in any case, people are increasingly skipping TV ads (according to this infographic, one in three voters either have ditched their TVs or habitually skip ads on DVR). The social media audience is growing, politicians are tied into it already — it’s going to be a major force this election cycle. Check out the infographic below for an explanation why (click, as always, to enlarge):



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