Video: Social Media Monitoring Comes to “The Future of Engagement”


ADOTAS – In the latest episode of The Future of Engagement, marketing consultant and Influence People chief Murray Newlands’ video interview series, we meet Kimling Lam, marketing and communications director of SaaS company Meltwater Group. Lam talks about how brands can work with social media to find their audience, interact with them — that means sharing engaging, fun content unrelated to your brand in addition to messages about your brand — and monitor these conversations over time. She discusses the idea of social CRM, the applications for good customer service that social networks present, examples of how to stay abreast of social trends, and some of the myths of social media. “That you should be on every channel… is absolutely a myth,” she asserts. Instead, she says, brands should use the channels that work best for their message and their audience.



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