Velti Launches Private Mobile Exchange for Premium Publishers


ADOTAS – Mobile marketing and advertising technology provider Velti announced today the official release of its custom private mobile exchanges for premium publishers. This gives publishers, as the company claimed, greater control over selling their ad inventory to the kind of sources they want to sell to. A statement issued earlier today by Velti boasted better pricing on inventory, greater data security (which would come from keeping that inventory out of the hands of potentially less-than-secure sources), more inventory, larger audiences for the publisher, efficiency in selling while maintaining brand safety for the advertiser, and ad content that meets the publisher’s standards of quality.

Velti’s calling the platform the mGage exchange, and the company says it reaches 20,000 publishers, and that on a monthly basis it reaches over 4.3 billion consumers and serves nearly 20 billion impressions. It’s a real-time bidding platform, too. The mGage exchange sees Velti putting its stamp on a number of mobile trends: Nexage already created a private exchange for mobile back in December, with Medialets following suit about a month later, and Sponsormob recently launched a mobile RTB platform.

In a phone conversation this afternon, Velti CMO Krishna Subramanian explained mGage is designed for “premium publishers that had their own sales teams and were looking for an exchange to more or less backfill.” And while in general there are sometimes concerns in this industry about whether exchanges can really provide the right kind of ads for a particular publisher, Subramanian clarified that mGage allows for a lot of control in how the inventory is filled. “You can segment the audience in any way,” he said, and part of the technology’s appeal is its “allowing the publishers to select who they want to work with. If they want to work with certain networks, they can. If they want to block a certain kind of network, they can.” That selectivity is one of the benefits of a private exchange, he explained.


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